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God is in This Story (OM)

Port Colborne, ON – Thank you for praying for a restful summer season. I had some moments of rest that I chose, and others that were chosen for me by my mental health. After some ups and downs, I am grateful to be in a better place. I’ve been listening to a song called ‘God is in This Story’ that I thought you might like too.

God is in this story God is in the details

Even in the broken parts

He holds my heart,

He never fails When I'm at my weakest

I will trust in Jesus Always in the highs and lows

The One who goes before me

This summer was a little bit quieter as I did not have any travels and I was able to take some time off. So, instead of one story, I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve been up to:

  • Running a session on managing change for one of our international project groups

  • Participating in lots of meetings

  • Working with a team on how we can integrate the new human resources system with our online learning system, EquipMe Online

  • Organizing a webinar on organizational culture for our Senior Leaders Course (SLC) participants

  • Trying to recruit people to join our EquipMe online team and managing team transitions

  • Preparing for the face-to-face part of SLC Consultations with various groups wanting to put training on EquipMe Online

  • Setting up meetings with different groups to talk about learning in OM

  • Taking a Search Engine Marketing class Attending professional development webinars

On warm days, I do my work-related reading outside and enjoy the view. I have been reading a book on Communities of Practice (CoP) as part of my role as International Director of Organizational Learning. Simply put, CoP’s are groups of people who get together to learn and develop around a shared topic of interest. I have been thinking about how these could help OM be more effective in sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices as we pursue our mission to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus. While the reading has made certain things clearer, it has also raised more questions. I know I (and we) need God’s wisdom to innovate strategically in this area. Please pray for me/us.

  • Praise: For a restful summer

  • Pray: For wisdom in how to best help OM learn well

  • Pray: For the right people to join our online learning team, especially learning designers. It's a real need at the moment!

  • Pray: For the next few months that have a busy schedule and overseas travels.

Home church: Winkler EMMC Manitoba


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