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Growing is good but not easy

Warman, SK – This last chapter of this renewal / building project has been a season of secret work, contemplation, prayer, subtle developments and steady but slow progress. As my mind is set straight by prayer, I come back to the truth and recognize this ministry and this project are not mine to accomplish. It is His Kingdom and He will advance it as He so chooses. He cares about the souls I’m burdened to help more than I. Our sole duty is to be in step and listen. Pray we continue in this.

Skate Church and our weekly Warman drop-in wrapped up in March and yielded beautiful results. Folks who only knew of each other became good friends. The older took the young under their wings and good news spread. As this chapter was ending, it was clear that we were entering a time of renovation, planning, and fundraising.

The Davidson Family

To look at the top floor of the community centre right now, you may not notice much but that is precisely the point. We painstakingly went to work creating a space that feels safe, focused and still. By God’s guidance and with every item changed or removed – it is happening. The biggest job was dismantling the 27 large church benches in the sanctuary. Thanks to the many friends that came and unloaded the new chairs.

This summer, I will put on a couple skateboard contests, have lessons as well as host a BBQ hangout with the folks at the Lions Skatepark on Thursdays. Many of the youth from Skate Church Saskatoon have been waiting impatiently and it will be a good time to chat, skate, connect and feed folks in need.

Fundraising continues for the indoor skatepark and youth centre. We have concentrated on sharing information around the skate park. There are particular needs that I believe can only be addressed by the space (in-door skate park) we hope to create. There is this general disdain for formalized programming or supervised spaces, so we face an uphill battle. That is why I am convinced more than ever that although it is an expensive way to reach youth, it will attract and gather people like not much else can. This new building will be a bridge to Christ.

Lindi is putting her gifts in practise. She is directing and counseling many ladies and is nearing the end of her practicum for school. We also need to give special thanks to Hague Gospel Church for their immense support!

Please pray for the youth in Warman, Martensville and Saskatoon. Pray for the skateparks. Pray for the indoor space and the finances required to make it happen. We are needing to raise about $800,000 and have about 30% raised. We have several fundraisers in the works and continue to discuss with the City of Warman regarding financial help.

Home church: Hague Gospel Church, Saskatoon SK


This article was originally published in The EMMC Recorder Vol 59, No. 4


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