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Interact Ministries in Thompson, MB

I am very appreciative of all your prayers for us and our team this summer as we served in the ways that we could. Obviously it was not as we wanted it to be but we trust in God that He foreknew what was happening. We do our best and leave the results in His hands.

Summer Camp

Our team spent two weeks at Midway Bible Camp together. Previously our team made the difficult decision that summer camp was not going to be feasible this summer. We spent time doing team development and praying over what God has for our fall season and beyond. We desire to serve well though it is difficult with changing restrictions and uncertainty.

I also led the production of a summer video series for Midway Bible Camp. We produced 5 episodes centering on how we met Jesus and why we continue to follow Him. Why do we follow a Jewish guy that lived two-thousand years ago and why is He still relevant today? After all that has happened lately the best thing to do is just to focus on Jesus, let Him draw people to Himself and trust that He will take care of the rest. 

I was able to spend some time in York Landing earlier in August. Midway Builders was hired by the Chief and Council in York Landing to repair and ready some of the teacher accommodations in the community for this coming year. There have been issues with the ferry service and dangerously low water levels on Split Lake that have made reliable travel somewhat hit or miss. In spite of those challenges, I was able to get there and complete the tasks assigned. I was able to attend the church there on Sunday and have very good fellowship with friends. I’m very glad it worked out that I was able to attend. 

I’m looking forward to doing a lot more snowshoe making this winter. I was encouraged by our team to go in that direction; it has many benefits that lend itself to ministry. It is also a way to honor local Inniniwak culture as making snowshoes is somewhat of a lost art. Please pray with me that God will use this ministry for His glory; to build up many young people in the North.


Pray that God’s will be done in our lives; to show His love and to glorify Him!

Home church: Altona EMMC, Manitoba

This article was originally published in the EMMC Recorder, Vol 58 No. 5


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