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Operation Mobilization Canada

Port Colborne, ON - After many months of preparation, we are launching our new online learning platform, EquipMe Online, on October 1st.

You might wonder, what does this have to do with the mission to reach the least reached with the love of Jesus? In training, we want to equip those committed to our mission to be intentional, fruitful, and multiply. To do this well, we needed a learning platform that was accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, in multiple languages. EquipMe Online does this, and more! It hosts facilitated and self-paced learning opportunities on topics such as leadership, culture, spiritual formation, and online training. It will become the 'one stop shop' for all things training in the organization, making it easy for anyone to find essential resources - even if they need it in Spanish, Arabic, or Russian on their mobile phone while sitting under a tree.

The plans for the pilot for the Intermediate Leadership Training (ILT) course in Colombia came together. What an answer to prayer that despite various challenges, the onsite part of the pilot went ahead. Not only that, it was run entirely en Español (in Spanish) - the first time a major international training in OM was piloted in a language other than English.

While I wasn't able to go to Colombia, I joined a couple sessions virtually. It was a joy to see participants from across Latin America engaging with the different leadership topics. The pilot will continue through November, with participants completing on-field assignments and finishing with another week of on line learning.


  • Since mid-August, I've started working part-time with Pacific Islands University (PIU) as an online course developer and instructor. I've wanted to work with a university for a long time and this opportunity 'fell into my lap'


  • For the ILT pilot continuing to run through November

  • For the launch of EquipMe Online

  • For the upcoming SLC part 2

Home church: Winkler EMMC, Manitoba

This article was originally published in the EMMC Recorder Vol 58 no. 5


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