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Prayer and Praise from the Honsbergers in Papua New Guinea

For the Kwomtari

Praise God we are hearing reports of how the Scripture Application and Leadership Training (SALT) material is being used.

Please pray that they will be diligent to take the time to read the Scripture references as they share the lessons. We want them to be rooted in God's Word, not just the words of man. For those not familiar with where to find a reference and not being fluent readers, it means allowing extra time.

We give thanks that the Kwomtari were able to read, in their own language, the accounts of Jesus’ journey to the cross, His death and resurrection. It was a privilege to be part of their Easter celebration this year.

Praise God for the men who showed up for the 2 community meetings. A good age range was represented. Together they agreed on two final orthography changes and several key terms; we were pleased with the contributions made to the discussions and the united outcome.

Didicus, the 4th man on the translation team who has been mostly absent for years, showed up in February. We had coffee together while he shared what has been happening in his life. We'd love to have him join the team again but are a bit hesitant to take him at his word. He has let the team down many times in the past. The rest of the team are happy to welcome him back as he does make valuable contributions to the table discussions. Pray for commitment on his part.

May 30th—June 29th the translation team will meet us to work at the regional centre in Wewak. Pray that nothing would hinder them (or us) from coming, such as their health and that of their families, or village situations that require their attention. Pray that they will plan ahead to fulfill their responsibilities as community leaders.

There is some work required on the Guriaso airstrip where the plane needs to land to pick them up. Pray that the people there will be diligent to cut the required drains.

Pray that we will be well prepared for our time there, in order to get the maximum benefit of our five weeks together. While we have some very definite goals in mind, we do desire this time to also be an encouragement to us all as we continue to work in the book of Acts.

Please pray that we would find a cook for Monday—Friday, which would free up the team to do a little more work in the evening.

Remember Diksen? He found victory in Christ’s finished work on the cross during the SALT course last year. This year he began taking part in the Sunday morning services sharing what he had learned. He is obviously living with a great weight off of his shoulders. It has been wonderful to see how patiently his wife has encouraged him in these years of turmoil.

For the Yalë people—neighbours to the Kwomtari

Praise: Yalë Scripture portions have arrived in the port city of Lae, PNG! We are waiting for them to clear customs and be brought up to Ukarumpa. They will stay here until nearer the dedication date—tentatively Easter ‘24.

Pre‐sales for the Yalë Scripture portions and MegaVoice players continue. Please pray for the awareness team as they hike to the different villages. Pray that many will desire to have their own copy.

Murray was planning to record Yalë worship songs while we were out in the village, however they never came. This is the 2nd failed attempt. We will have one more opportunity to do the recording while we are in the village September to November. Pray that the Yalë would be well prepared and would come for the recording. The plan is to include these songs on the MegaVoice players, along with the recorded Scripture portions.

After the SALT workshop last year one Yalë pastor said in tears, "I preached the gospel and told other people to follow it, but I myself didn't follow it. The course put me in the light and I have no place to hide or escape." Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to challenge and change lives as they share what they learned at the course.


Murray and Carol are Wycliffe Bible Translators, with the Kwomtari Language Group based in Papua New Guinea


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