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Sail and Sing Invitation from D’Friesens

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19

This is one of the scripture passages that has guided our lives and ministry. As we look back over the years that we have been privileged to serve in God’s Kingdom, we can’t help but be amazed. God truly chose “the least of these” when He placed us in this work. We are totally dependent on His strength, wisdom, and provision because in and of ourselves, we can do nothing!

Through the years, the Lord has seen fit to lead us to many places we would otherwise never have had the means or opportunity to go. Whether it’s at home in Canada, anywhere in Central or South America, the USA, or even Europe, our focus is always to be faithful to the work He has called us to. With every invitation that comes our way, we pray for His will to be done and that He will be glorified.

So, when the invitation came to participate in this “Sail and Sing” Christian cruise, the first thing we did was take it to God in prayer. It was not something we ever would have come up with on our own, and at first seemed like it was very far removed from our usual mission field; the colonies and communities of Low German Mennonites. But as we listened to Eduard and Christine Klassen (the Paraguayan Harpist) who issued the invitation to us at last year’s Plautdietsche Medien Konferenz in Aylmer, Ontario, we agreed to pray about it and seriously consider it.

Some of the questions we asked ourselves were:

1) Does this fit into the vision and calling that we believe God has placed on our lives?

2) Is this a good use of our time, energy, and resources?

3) Would this in any way benefit anyone spiritually?

4) Most importantly, would God be glorified, His Kingdom built up and His people be blessed? The last thing we want to do is waste precious time and resources.

As we continued to think and pray, we became convinced that this could be an opportunity from God. We never knew how many Mennonites go on these kinds of cruises. It was mentioned in our conversations, that while the people on these trips were not the poorest of the poor, and while they were most definitely on vacation, they had specifically chosen a Christian environment to have their vacation because they needed the spiritual nourishment and encouragement. It would also expose us to a whole new audience, that we might never reach in any other way. Not all of them will be believers, some are still seeking the truth, and this is a non-threatening environment for them. The theme of “Blessed Families” also intrigued us, knowing the challenges Mennonite families face all around the world.

In the end, after much prayer, we decided to try it and see what God would do with it. It is definitely something new for us. We know that God works in ways we cannot fathom and just as we do on our trips to Central and South America, we trust God will use our meager offering to accomplish His purposes and help us to be a blessing. In the process, we know He will also be working in us, stretching us beyond our usual comfort zone and growing us in ways we cannot even imagine.

So, if you’re intrigued by a “Sail and Sing” Christian cruise, with Mennonites from many different walks of life, with at least some of the sessions and music being in Plautdietsch, you are invited to join us in February 2025!

Welcome aboard!

Visit for pricing and more details. Contact 717-354-4695 or


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